Chastin J Miles Shows Realtors How To Make Money Through Rentals

Kenneth Parker
3 min readMar 23, 2022


Chastin J Miles has been helping Realtors scale their businesses through his educational YouTube videos. The 65.4K followers on his channel is testament to the beneficial assistance that he provides.

In this article Chastin discusses the financial benefits and opportunities for increasing client database-lists that come with working the rental market. He also shares two secrets that make agents successful in Real Estate.

The first secret is to find the best alternatives to buying and selling that you can with a real estate license. The second, learn how to grow your database with the easiest type of clients with the cheapest acquisition cost.

There are more ways to make money in real estate than just buying and selling properties, Chastin remarks. Working the rental properties market is one such way, and an area often neglected by realtors who often erroneously think that there is no money to be made there. Chastin continues that rental leasing is an easy and great source of additional income for all realtors but most specifically for the brand new and newer agents to get their foot in the game.

When Chastin started out in his real estate career he was given the standard advice from managers; cold-call, door-knock, attend training classes, network and market yourself. Good advice in and of itself but not enough Chastin felt. There was something missing regarding the best path to securing buyers and sellers that didn’t take up all of his time and financial resources.

That missing link Chastin discovered was in the rental property leasing game. He quickly found out this was a huge area for income potential that was being completely disregarded by most realtors. It wasn’t long before Chastin had developed a successful step-by-step process for finding prospects, securing them with a property rental and then turning them into future home buyers. He shares this example of the type commissions possible working the lease/rental market where he secured a rental property for two clients, the monthly lease was $3,818 per month and was paying 200% commission on a minimum 11-month lease. This equated to Chastin receiving a cheque for $7,636. Not a bad return, with two new names added to his database list with the strong possibility of them purchasing a home through Chastin in the foreseeable future.

To access more information on lease rentals view Chastin’s YouTube video below:

Here is the step-by-step process Chastin suggests following:

o Identify the people looking to lease

o Identify the properties

o Connect the people to the property

o Make the sale

o Use a Funnel system to generate leads

In Chastin’s video above he shows how easy it is to generate 2–3 of these lease rental sales per week. He suggests Facebook as the best source for lead generation — Identify the specific audience then run targeted Ads that provide something of tangible value. Follow this process Chastin remarks and the leads will roll in — all that’s needed is a laptop.

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