Matt Tommy Shows You How to Manage a Sales Team

Sales is a game of trust, timing and the ability to solve a client’s problems. Whoever is the first, most persuasive and most authoritative wins. I recently joined Matt Tommy in the hot tub to chat about such matters with him, and in particular how to get the best performance out of your sales team. As Matt Tommy explained: “You don’t necessarily need the best product, but that, of course, will help you too. But a superstar sales team can be like the rocket fuel you need to reach orbit.” “Imagine for a moment,” Matt Tommy continued in the same vein, “would you rather have a Lamborghini turbo boosted sales team with all that horsepower at your disposal or a small beaten up old Hyundai blowing smoke all the way down the Freeway? You get the point.” Point taken.

However building a team is one thing, scaling and managing a team is something else again. Once again you are in the people to people business (P2P), where everyone has different drivers, anchors, values, beliefs, filters etc. How do you harness these? “You need to understand,” Matt Tommy pronounces, “that people have different ways of viewing the world, plus they are at different stages of life. The other thing you have to understand is that salespeople are the lifeblood of your business, hiring the wrong ones and managing them the wrong way can destroy your organization.” “I have been a part of many offers and I have seen management, especially in the earlier days when I was a salesperson, destroying offers and companies for exactly this reason,” Matt Tommy goes on to explain.

As always Matt Tommy has been generous with his time, and wants to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and missteps that are common to many businesses. So, courtesy of Matt Tommy here are three ways to ensure you acquire and retain A1 sales talent to add a rocket booster to your bottom line:

1 — You have to give people what they want. Zig Ziglar said it best, “the more people you help get what they want you will get more of what you want as a by product.” Figure out why they are in the business they’re in. Sales is a brutal sport, you have to deal with all the hours of calling, all the rejections. It requires so much energy and it’s exhausting. As Matt Tommy tells me: “Most people are in business because they want the freedom of being their own boss, the potential income, they want to change their situation, they want nice things, and they want to provide for their family. Everyone has a different driver and anchor so figure out what that is and make sure that you link it to their goals. Keep selling them the vision of what they want and show them how the action items such as key income activities like follow up, outbound calls, outbound prospecting, etc tie into that.”

2 — Managing the sales team. Sales people are nuts. They go hard and work hard. You have to get the team laser focused by managing their time and energy. People only have a certain amount of productive time and energy per day. So according to Matt Tommy: “How you use those hours and energy units in your body is key. This is the difference between success and failure. So imagine your sales rep or any human for that matter is a smart phone battery. You have 100% power when you wake up. But if you’re stressed or under the pump maybe you have only 70% capacity. So how do you manage the energy with 10 hours of output needed each day or at least a quality 6–8 hours?”

A smart phone has multiple applications open and running at the same time all of the time. All of which are draining the battery and chewing up processing power. While it might be great for your smartphone to be able to run windows, task switch and multi task, it isn’t effective to expect it of your sales staff. As Matt Tommy explained to me: “Studies have proven that human beings can only really do one thing efficiently at a time. The more we try to do the more energy we consume, the more distracted we become and the more mistakes we are likely to make.”

So here are some tips from Matt Tommy to help you avoid this: “Concentrate on doing one thing at a time and do it well. Turn off your smartphone, turn off your notifications, check social media at the end of the day, make sure you are fully hydrated, be mindful of what you are putting into your body, monitor how you are sleeping. All these little things contribute to your performance. My sales team feels at 100% so they perform at 100%. If you feel good, look good and are constantly improving, you will get better at what you are doing. But you also have to recognize some days you won’t feel good. It’s okay if you are only operating at 70% just go a touch slower, you will be back up to 100% in no time.”

3 — Make it fun and create good incentives — In Matt Tommy’s experience: “Most people get into sales because they love the bonuses and think that it’s fun. It can be, so don’t make things too serious, but do have a good leaderboard and reward people consistently with little gifts and bonuses. Host team dinners and do team building activities together, offer free trips but above all make it exciting. The more you can gamily and incentives the better, anything to get your sales team to buy into your business philosophy, and purring like that Lamborghini.”

There are many more lessons about sales to be learned but those are three that came most readily to Matt Tommy’s mind during our chat together in the hot tub. If you want to scale your high ticket online offer and are open to chatting then it is definitely worth your while to contact Matt Tommy on instagram @mattommy. Or feel free to contact one of his business partners Michael Dallas-Petersen and Blake Toves. They would love to collaborate with you on a new project/offer.




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