Matt’s Crypto — Breaking News: Twitter NFT Verification

Kenneth Parker
3 min readFeb 4, 2022


NFTs, non-fungible tokens are about to become even more universally accepted into the mainstream marketplace, suggests Matt’s Crypto, with the big news that Twitter is now allowing users to put their NFT images directly as their profile. In this article Matt will share what this news means for NFTs in general as well as the incredible exposure that this will bring to NFT values as the hype begins to reverberate out into the general public with this announcement.

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This breaking news regarding Twitter users now being able to use their NFT as their profile picture can only have very positive implications for introducing NFTs to more of the general public and thus garner greater interest in them. That adage of supply and demand comes to mind. Matt mentions that although this NFT as profile picture is only currently available to Twitter Blue users, a service that costs $3 per month, he believes that once Twitter improves its system for accommodating NFT as profiles they will introduce it out to the broader Twitter community. Matt continues that this NFT as profile picture is still in the Beta phase and improvements will certainly occur to the process and user friendliness. Twitter Blue users who own NFTs can change their profile so that it shows their NFT as a hexagon image shape and will thus verify the ownership of said NFT.

This huge announcement according to Matt will be a massive step in propelling NFTs forward into more mainstream domains. He also states that Coinbase also launching their NFT platform will only further enhance the popularity and demand for NFTs. Then if you include Facebook jumping in on the bandwagon too it appears that things are looking rosy for NFT holders. Matt shares this release from Facebook as further proof of the opportunities with NFTs — ‘teams at Facebook and Instagram are readying a feature that will allow users to display their NFT’s on their social media profiles, as well as working on a prototype to help users create — or mint.

The future for NFTs looks extremely bright as Meta (Faceook) joins in on the party of digital collectables and draws up a blueprint to create and sell NFTs. Although no firm rollout dates have been set yet Matt is in no doubt that other major social platforms will soon follow suit.

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