Milan Singh Reveals The Best Way To Buy Crypto in 2022

Kenneth Parker
3 min readJan 12, 2022


Milan Singh

The primary purpose of Milan Singh is to help educate people through his online content so they can safely invest and better their finances. In this article he shares the best and safest ways to buy crypto in 2022.

Bitcoin only arrived on the financial landscape 13 years ago and Milan reminds investors that crypto still remains in its infancy with ample opportunities for continued growth.

The information contained in this article will prove beneficial for all newcomers to the crypto game. Milan starts off by mentioning that cryptocurrencies are just like money, except they are in digital form. Unlike other financial transactions through banks etc. no middleman is required with crypto as it deals directly between buyer and seller. These transactions are powered through Blockchain technology.

Milan goes on to showcase two crypto exchange platforms that he suggests are ideal for new investors, Coinbase and BlockFi. In the YouTube video below, he shows how to set up an account and also how to purchase crypto currencies on an exchange platform directly from his cellphone. This is a very worthwhile video to watch before proceeding with purchases.

Watch Video: How To Invest In Crypto in 2022 | Step by Step Guide

In addition to providing this invaluable information on how to set up a crypto account and purchase your first cryptocurrency Milan also shares how to save money on the fees that crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase etc. charge for transactions completed. This cost is often referred to as a gas fee. Using Coinbase as his example, simply by activating a Coinbase Pro account along with a regular Coinbase account will reduce transaction fees from $15 to $5 per transaction. This saving is achieved by purchasing your cryptocurrency through Coinbase Pro at a $5 fee then transferring it into your regular account, which would have charged $15. You will be amazed at how quickly these savings can add up, especially when actively trading.

Milan notes that a common mistake made by many investors is that they do not ensure that their crypto investments are safe and secure. This leaves them vulnerable to hackers and scammers who scour the crypto space for such instances. The solutions Milan offers to secure crypto assets in your wallet is to activate a two-factor authentication, this is where in order to gain access to your account two forms of identification must be shared. To go one step further a security key method can be applied, this will require the physical key to do so. One final security action that Milan suggests is to acquire a hardware wallet as opposed to the software wallets provided by crypto exchanges. The difference in having a hardware wallet is that it has a private key which is not connected to the Internet and therefore reduces the risk of funds in a crypto account wallet being tampered with through malware or viruses. This latter option of hardware wallet is Milan’s personal preference and one he suggests all crypto investors consider adopting as an extra safeguard protection.

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