Wagner Saucedo Says Crypto Is About to Flip — Do This Now!

After a sideways 2021 in crypto and coin values dropping as we move into 2022, many investors are shying away from crypto. Wagner Saucedo, entrepreneur and successful Investor thinks otherwise. Wagner astutely analyzes Hedge Fund patterns and also pays close attention to big banks worldwide getting in on the crypto bandwagon. In Wagner’s world this is the time to start buying crypto rather than bailing. He sees huge opportunities for profit while this dip is in place.

In this article he shares his bullish rationale and encourages investors following him on his YouTube channel to not panic and look at the bigger picture — when in doubt, zoom out — to see what’s really going on in the crypto space.

Wagner takes note from the RSI (Relative Strength Index) which provides signals for bullish and bearish markets. These RSI indicators reveal that they have only ever been this low before on two occasions, the 2019 COVID crash and the 2021 Summer crash. We are back close to those levels, which in Wagner’s opinion could potentially indicate a bottoming out.

To further strengthen Wagner’s bullish opinion regarding cryptocurrencies he shares some insightful comments made by legacy Investor, Bill Miller. He reveals he bought into crypto because ‘it cannot be touched by governments.’ He then goes on to mention that crypto is better than gold. Citing that in 5,000 years gold has gone from a nickel to $1,850 and that in 10 years Bitcoin has gone from a nickel to $57,000.

As big banks get more involved in the crypto scene, they will be starting to push their clients into crypto through their bank channels. This will further increase crypto demand.

The phenomenal returns that can happen and how quickly things can surge with crypto are highlighted by Wagner on the importance of buying in early before the stampede occurs. He shares this example about Ethereum to show the benefit of getting in early on a coin. Had you purchased $100 in Ethereum in 2015 its value today is $320,000. With the launch of Ethereum 2.0 coming soon Wagner predicts that the buzz and hype from all of this will see another huge spike in Ethereum’s value.

Bitcoin still remains the steady-Eddie in the crypto space according to Wagner, with only 21 million Bitcoins mined, the demand for these coins is going to increase in the future as crypto becomes more mainstream. The acceptance of crypto as a standard payment method is increasing. Elon Musk has hinted at accepting Dogecoin for Tesla purchases. Wagner indicates that it’s only a matter of time for crypto to be universally accepted. When this happens, the sky’s the limit.

In conclusion, Wagner predicts massive growth for cryptocurrencies in 2022. He reminds investors to always do their own due diligence before making any purchases and that the information he provides is for entertainment purposes only and that he is not a financial adviser.

To get a more detailed explanation of this information you can watch his YouTube video.

For further news on all things crypto you can connect with Wagner here: Wagner Saucedo



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